JAKARTA, 03 June 2008 – The coordinator for the National Alliance for Free Religion and Belief (AKKBB), Anick Hamin Thohari, said that the delay of the final ‘verdict’ from the government about the Ahmadiyah sect in Indonesia was not the main reason for the FPI (Front Pembela Islam – Islamic Defenders Front) to stage the attack against a peaceful demonstrations two days ago. He said that the acts of violence were nothing more than anarchism by the FPI.

“I think that the argument is just an diversion from the main topic. The actions of the FPI were pure violence,” said Anick in the main government building before a general meeting. He asked for the government to take swift action against the FPI. “This should be handled with and finished off in a good manner. We can not go anywhere else at this moment.”
According to him, the peaceful demonstration that was organized by AKKBB at June 1, was totally not related to Ahmadiyah. “Our demonstration was not because of Ahmadiyah, but to celebrate the birth of Pancasila, our state philosophy.”

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